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Have a regular life is the secret of health and long life。


A healthy body is the soul of the living room, a sick body is the soul of the brig。


Treat yourself, happiness; Be kind to others, happiness; Treat life, health and clinking!


Life is but thirty thousand days, success failure are calm, is obviously don't care about, a happy and healthy is the most valuable。


In the diet section, in reading, in the exercise of constant! Diet nourishing the stomach, read more bravery, xi sports keeping in good health!


Life there are three things in life that cannot wait: filial piety to parents can't wait, children's education can't wait, their health can't wait。


Without a friend as to health, no enemy is comparable to the disease, rather than for sickness secretly tears, less exercise for life。


What don't sick, nothing don't have no money, what also don't lack of health, health is not everything, but without health, there is no everything。


Yangxin will get adjustment, the body movement can make mental rest, and keeping in good health to have open-minded optimism, fitness, persistence will!


Good habit is to store health, indulge in bad habits is overdraw the life, excuses no time to exercise, will sooner or later spare time to go to a doctor!


Health is not delicious not in size, age, age are not in proportion with aging, is good at keeping in good health care, the perishable youth will slow down!


The best doctor is their own, the best medicine is time, the best mood is quiet, smile is the best care, the best exercise is to walk!


Raises a gender is the best doctor friend, smile is the best prescription, the best treatment for illness is their own, it's the best exercise regimen is to walk!


Daily life orderly, eating well, sports square, in the spirit, optimistic, open-minded, can do this a few people, it is not blessed, thank goodness for longevity and the delay!


Life is not live long and short, but lies in the realization of early and late; Life is not used to correct others' right and wrong, but to practice their wonderful life!


Flower beauty, beauty in beauty; As beauty, beauty in health! Health is the soul of the sitting room, sick body is the prison of the flesh, has health, has everything!


Exercise like bank deposit, deposited, JiJiu become namely; Keeping in good health fitness, such as climbing mountains, keep up, persistence will prolong life live!


Give a person a gift, it is better to give them health; Please people eat, not please people sweat; Natural and unrestrained money for pleasure, not elegant as fun to play!


Most important three things in life: to use tolerance heart towards the world, towards life; With happy heart created the world, change your life; With grateful heart feeling world, feel the life!


And clothes to cold, sick and doctors, rather than seeking a panacea, is inferior to the detection of pathogenic source; And ill relationship to see the doctor, finding space movement as usual!


By constantly absorbing nutrition to sustain life, health depends on long-term insist to take exercise to strengthen; Reasonable prandial, good mentality and constancy of exercise, create healthy life!


Life by talent, on artificial life, biological parents, on their own health, the starting line of genetic just health, health care is a new starting point of life, strong body is own carefully!


Wealth, fame and wealth does not equal, the time is fair to the person, someone is jinshan yinshan, don't live as long as the southern mountain, someone is coarse tea cloth, also often happy one hundred!


Money doesn't buy health, health is more than money; Money doesn't buy happiness, happiness and health; The happiness of life is not fame and fortune in the health, physical strength is not money in motion!


Three single layer for a layer of cotton, good clothes for the beautiful appearance, as a young man with old beauty, old age on health and beauty, the inner life, is the life of long。


When the mind calm, spirit is eternal! The desire to hit bottom, the rational sublimation to the highest point, you will realize: peace is happiness, health is a blessing, the mind is eloth, passionless life!


A person's body, is by no means the individual, to put it as a precious wealth to the society。 All aspiring contribute for the society, for the youth of the country into a big, must cherish your own health。


House repair again big also is temporary shelter, only the little wooden affairs is a permanent home, remember: don't ask amiss otimista, don't jump is reassuring, house otimista than wide, and Ann is inferior to peace!


The biggest mistake in life, is to use health in exchange for a thing apart; Life's biggest sorrow, is to use life for personal troubles; The biggest waste of life, it is made of life to solve their problems!


Happiness always accompany with generous people, wealth is always associated with good faith, wisdom always and noble person concomitant, charm always accompany with humorous people, always accompany with open-minded people health!


Product thousands of tired, not a good habit, a man without unabashedly habits, will be without a healthy body, a reasonable diet, regular daily life, right amount motion, the joyful mood, is the foundation of physical and health!


Joy is the medicine of the longevity, diligence is the best of health, the movement is the investment of health, longevity is the reward of fitness, meet the mo ask leave spring, indifferent silence is better than medicine!


Official as go-getters, kochi less high salary, high salary as long life, long life is happy! Is afraid of low salary but I die, is not afraid of less money, and they were afraid to go too early!


Smart people can read, smart people see it, far above all。 A wise man is the voice of a fool's direction, can't give up the past of ignorance, is unable to enter the palace of wisdom, towards health, prejudice more terrible than ignorance!

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